Fontanelle (1998) – Soft wax aquatint on three slabs – 700 by 1000 mm. (27,56 x 39,37 inches) Sheet. 600 by 800 mm. (23,62 x 31,50 inches) Slab

When I find
In this silence of mine
a word,
engraved is on my life
like an abyss

Giuseppe Ungaretti

Marco Zambrelli is an artist of life.
He deeply loves the Lombard landscape which becomes his favourite subject of his works, whose soft colours, give a sense of peace and communion with the past – which reminds of sounds and smells.
Etching, along with a technique applied with strictness, enables him to obtain perfect lines which reproduce, with realism and grace, the details of the landscape, even though the colour is the one which completes these works, where shades and chromatic combinations are obtained with extreme skill.
Zambrelli is not afraid of colour, instead he approaches it by restlessly seeking the composition miracle; that moment in which his work corresponds to the interior reality and he makes it become true by means of the coordination of complementary colours, the combination of the primary and the secondary ones, the careful use of black and white.

Lara Scandroglio

Birches (1998) – Diptych, Soft wax aquatint – 730 by 1200 mm. (28,74 x 47,24 inches) Sheet 600 by 1000 mm. (23,62 x 39,37 inches) Slab

I remember a peculiar feeling I had in a summer night by gazing through the train window at the landscape of some huge cornfields. The power of light, by its highest human expression, the colour, moved me.
I have never forgotten that feeling, but when I had the chance to see one of Zambrelli’s many engravings dedicated to landscapes, the wonder I felt manifested itself again, more alive than ever.
Light: from Latin “Lux Lucis”, is defined as the possibility, of the eye, to see objects.
What enriches this definition, is one of the particular meanings of the Greek term “phaos/phos”: its root coincides with the one of the verb “phaino”, which means “to show”, “to make evident”.
The Greek term “phos” doesn’t only refer to light as a vehicle to see, but also to the light which sheds the truth reached through knowledge. It’s in this contest that the light has to be meant, which permeates not only Marco’s works, but also all his way of thinking of art and life, whose relationship of interdependency seems to be the basic concept in order to get the essence of every sign of his on the slab. The light which the landscapes shed is a vehicle, that piece of knowledge which brings us towards a deeper truth; each ear of wheat, each poppy, each tree is a trace of Marco’s effort to reach the highest degree of expression of the colour.
Staying inside an engraving by Marco Zambrelli is like staying in a poem by Wordsworth: you don’t only watch the former as well as you don’t just read the latter; you smell the fragrance of grass, feel the breeze which makes the leafy branches of the trees wave, the blue of the sky and the white of the clouds blind you.

Luna Protasoni

The cat (2005) – Soft wax aquatint on four slabs – 1300 by 750 mm. (51,18 x 29,53 inches) Sheet – 900 by 600 mm. (35,43 x 23,62 inches) Slab

Summer Time (1988) – Soft wax aquatint on four slabs – 700 by 1000 mm. (27,56 x 39,37 inches) Sheet – 600 by 800 mm. (23,62 x 31,50 inches) Slab
The gate (2003) – Soft wax aquatint on four slabs – 1000 by 700 mm. (39,37 x 27,56 inches) Sheet – 800 by 600 mm. (31,50 x 23,62 inches) Slab
Wild garden (1998) – Soft wax aquatint on four slabs – 700 by 1000 mm. (27,56 x 39,37 inches) Sheet – 600 by 800 mm. (23,62 x 31,50 inches) Slab
Shadows (1999) – Soft wax aquatint on four slabs – 790 by 1000 mm. (31,10 x 39,37 inches) Sheet – 590 by 780 mm. (23,22 x 30,70 inches) Slab
The time machine – Soft wax aquatint – 800 by 1280 mm. (31,49 x 50,39 inches) Sheet – 640 by 1180 mm. (25,19 x 46,45 inches) Slab